• Used in plasma, laser and oxygen cutting machines; Compact system with fan, filter and control panel.
  • It performs the filtering process by removing the smoke and particles formed during cutting.
  • The risk of fire is minimized with the separator system that minimizes the access of spark particles to the filter.
  • Filter cleaning is done automatically with the solenoid valve.
  • Ultraweb filter is used. In this way, in case of a possible filter burnout, the filter can extinguish itself.
  • Since the filtering process is done from top to bottom, the dust of the cleaned filter does not fall on the other filter during the cleaning process. Thus, a more successful cleaning is provided.
  • With the filter pollution indicator, the filter change time can be easily determined.
  • It has a control panel that can be adjusted according to the operating principle of the user.
  • Remote access to the control panel is possible.
  • The waste can be easily removed and mounted.


Filtreleme kapasitesi Filtering capacity4000 m3/h8000 m3/h12000 m3/h
Ünite ebatları Dimensions1820*1960*2380 mm1820*2616*2340 mm1820*3250*2380 mm
Motor gücü Motor power4 KW7.5 KW11KW
Atık depolama kapasitesiDuct collector  capacity65 Lt.100 Lt.130 Lt.
Elektrik besleme electricity400v,3P N 50Hz400v,3P N 50Hz400v,3P N 50Hz
Filtre adedi Number of cartridges5912
Filtre ölçüleri Cartridge dimesionsQ324*660 mmQ324*660 mmQ324*660 mm
Filtre yüzey alanıCartridges surface area104 mm²189 mm²252 mm²
Filtre geçirgenliği Cartridge permeability0,2 mikron0,2 mikron0,2 mikron


FILTER UNITAF-4000AF-8000AF-12000
Filtering capacity4000 m3/h8000 m3/h12000 m3/h
Unit dimensions1820*1960*2380 mm1820*2616*2340 mm1820*3250*2380 mm
Motor power4 KW7.5 KW11KW
Waste storage capacity65 Lt.100 Lt.130 Lt.
Electricity supply400v,3P N 50Hz400v,3P N 50Hz400v,3P N 50Hz
Number of filters5912
Filter sizesQ324*660 mmQ324*660 mmQ324*660 mm
Filter surface area104 mm²189 mm²252 mm²
filter permeability0,2 mikron0,2 mikron0,2 mikron


Thanks to their special designs, Jet-Pulse Filter units can be easily installed in your factory and commissioned quickly.


Jet-Pulse Donaldson Filter units allow you to easily empty the dust bucket and change the filter thanks to their ergonomic design.


The highly efficient automatic cleaning system reduces compressed air consumption and extends filter life.


Filter capacity 4000/8000/12000 m3/h

Pressure 2500 PA

Fan type Centrifuge

Engine power 4- 7.5- 11 KW

Air inlet pressure 7 bar ± 1 bar

Machine dimensions 1500 x 2000 x 2100 mm.

Weight 1400 kg.

Noise level- 75DB

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