ProNest 2021

ProNest® CAD/CAM part nesting software for advanced mechanized cutting is designed to power the cutting process by enabling you to achieve greater automation, productivity and profitability. Prepared for you by Hypertherm’s cutting experts, ProNest improves the performance of plasma, laser, waterjet and oxyfuel cutting machines.

Better productivity
• Improved part quality
• User friendly
• Fast learning curve
• More efficient use
• Fewer errors

Material cost savings
Powerful, highly efficient nesting reduces your material costs and increases profitability.

Ease of Use
Incredibly easy to learn and use with intuitive screens and a wide range of helpful features

Breakthrough Technologies
ProNest features Hypertherm’s SureCut™ technologies, including True Hole® and Rapid Part™ delivered automatically without operator intervention, and True

Increased productivity
Modules such as Joint Line Cutting or Chain and Bridge Cutting can increase productivity and reduce cutting time and consumable wear, greatly reducing chamfer setup time.

Beyond nesting
Much more than a nesting software, ProNest includes powerful features to help you manage your entire cutting operation. You will be able to submit job offers, manage work orders and monitor machine status from one place.

Unlimited technical support
Your purchase includes unlimited access to technical support, training, and software updates.

ProNest 2021 LT

ProNest® LT (formerly TurboNest®) is a powerful CAD/CAM part nesting software made for light industrial and mechanized cutting in production environments. It offers a single software solution for all of your conventional plasma and oxyfuel cutting machines.


SigmaNEST runs any type of machine, providing maximum versatility and scalability to meet your needs. From increasing productivity to saving valuable materials and manpower, SigmaNEST optimizes your shop floor process without sacrificing quality or quantity. Integrate SigmaNEST with your design, manufacturing and work programs to get the most out of your complete nesting solution.

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